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Minor loss of defenses from Golden Armor is worth the boost to Vigor and Speed you get from it. The problem with Terra is the 9999 damage limit, and once you get to Ultima nuking, her magic advantage does not matter, and Trance does no more good. From the late 50's levels onward (considering you leveled your magics/espers and have decent gear) you destroy EVERYTHING (final boss included). Relm is the ONLY optional character in the WoR to get an alternate scene should she be recruited in the ending. Probably best to ignore Setzer's weapons for the most part, as Slots tends to be better almost all the time, and his weapons are just a waste of money. Strago can actually get some obscure status' easier than others! In any event, try to take advantage of this and get Terra back as early as possible. Timing is everything here, but it lets Setzer be a cruel person if you dont mind cheesing out what was probably an unintended little gimmick. In battle, he wields Tools, as befits his machinist role. There's no reason to put him in the front row, EVER. Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Its really the only way he's going to do any sort of damage throughout the next few sections of the game. This extends even into Dragon's Den, where, despite the Zwill Crossblade, Valiant Knife remains Locke's best overall weapon (barring Lightbringer, of course.). Rather than removing everyone's skill set but Magic, Mimic and Item, it removes everyone's skill set but Fight, Mimic and Item, but then turns Fight into Magic. Streaming FF Music Radio. Not that I suggest this due to what it requires, but just know its there (check out, say, Terra or Locke's maxed evasion set ups, and just replace Zephyr's Cloak with Merit Award.). Shadow's Throw skill set can throw many weapons. He can copy a Ultima + Quick cast followed by 2 phantom rushes or whatever else you need. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. . Its hard to evaluate ALL of them, though, I'll mention the "Throw Only" abilities, those being the Shurikens and the Scrolls. . I will put Locke, Terra, and Celes in the back row if theyre equipped with certain weapons, but most of the time I keep my characters in the front row. Shame, really. Non-elemental magic damage on all opponents, inflicts. Only method of getting more than one Magus Rod before the Soul Shrine is by betting Heal Rods (which are useless anyway) at the Coliseum (the first Magus Rod is gotten from Earth Dragon.) I like putting sabin in the back row until late game. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). Put Setzer in the back Row. You'll want to buy the Noise Blaster and the Bio Blaster from the Tool Shop. I suggest you make use of this. The Sketch Bug does *NOT* exist in this version of the game in anyway, shape or form. Note that when I say reasons unknown I dont mean this is a weird bug, its more just why did the programmers do that? Pity they don't give him his brother's discount. Weapons like Wing Edge or the Assassin's Knife won't ever have their instant death, Blood Sword won't drain HP and do normal damage regardless of the user or enemies HP, weapons like Lightbringer won't have 100% Critical Hit rate anymore (likewise, it won't use up MP either), what have you. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by. If the Beret is equipped on Relm, the Sketch Rate is increased by about 33%; in the above example, Sketch would now have a 120% Hit Rate (it will never fail.) Magical damage isn't affected, and you'll deal with plenty of enemies who love to use powerful magic attacks. Setzer, like Celes, Sabin and Edgar, has the advantage of being obtained BEFORE the Falchon in the WoR, meaning he can get some quick extra work in. Up: Set 2 50% of the time. Of course, if you are using Locke for the purposes of, say, Lightbringer, you probably aren't using Master's Scroll (or rather, you SHOULDN'T). Row Change may be accessed by choosing Party (, pti? Keep Gau's at least somewhat up to date. Don't forget to nab the Drill and Flash when you go through Figaro again! Normally, this doesn't matter, however, whenever Celes rejoins with her level refactored, should she somehow his level 32 without Confuse being learned, she won't learn it due to this oddity in spell listing. Though, Twilight Requiem isn't bad if you are fighting nothing but Zombones (Since the only thing they are immune to is Poison Frog, the rarest of Dusk Requiem's dances), Floating Continent, Earth Blues all the way. This dance is just brutal, in general, and its the home dance too, should be quite obvious as far as why to use it (it does have a flaw in that if Mog uses Sonic Boom on an enemy immune to Instant Death, its a wasted turn, but thems the breaks). Sporting +7 Magic, and +40% to both evasion stats, its unlikely Celes will want any other weapon. Also common knowledge, but should be pointed out. Its hard to explain, but just know it involves tricking the game into making Locke walk through that guard. HOWEVER, after you beat Cyan's Soul, Cyan learns ALL Bushidos at once, regardless of level.Sword tech's listed in order of level. Party members in the front row will take more damage, but they will also be able to deal more damage. Shove Mog in the Back Row, and give him Dragoon Boots. Characters retain their assigned rows even when not in the current party. In the Magitek Factory, it might be wise to give Locke Ramuh; he doesn't have any way of hurting enemies otherwise due to their high defense, Genji Glove be damned, so Locke would like at least something, and Thunder, let alone the Ramuh summon, give him at least something approaching damage there. The YAT-97 and YAT-99 are in the back row during their battles, while other enemies are in the front row. Bushido, Blitz and Tools ignore back row decrease, as well as the Flail, Morning Star, the Boomerang weapons Locke gets, and any Thrown weapon will ignore row penalty. Chance. Keep Mog with a Holy Lance (which you should try to get ASAP) or Radiant Lance at all times. Again, its rather minor, as you could always just teach Celes (and good chance you already have since its available early) Confuse through an Esper, but if you're playing an NMG or something, keep this in mind. It sounds screwed up, but trust me; that's how it works. If you don't have enough Green Berets for the Narshe battle sequence (this depends on how many Satellites you fought on the Veldt), get a Magus Hat for Celes too. Celes should be taken to beat Kefka in Narshe. Or you could try and kill him with damage, but given Vargas' HP, and how he hits you with a Countdown Effect, you'd need to be really high leveled. Don't bother buying an extra Diamond Armor for Setzer when he first joins, assuming you already have one on Celes and Edgar. Does the $13.99 bundle make the game too "easy"? There's another chest in here that's locked. When the name appears and they go into casting, start Slots up. Shields, Light armor, Heavy armor, Hats, Helmets Ultimate weapon Final Trump Setzer is a playable party member in Final Fantasy VI. Put Terra in the back row, until/unless you seriously start considering using her physical with non Chain Flail/Morning Star/Lightbringer weapons (all have full power from the back row.) Like most characters, Gogo should be in the back row, especially since he should never be using his fight command, ever. Warrior and Monk are in the front row, while Black Mage and White Mage are in the back. Barret, Red XIII, Yuffie, and Vincent have long range weapons, and all characters can equip the Long Range Materia to deal ranged attacks. This man has it all a submersible castle, a wonderful brother, and no, seriously, a submersible castle. Giving him a Genji Glove and Master's Scroll with two Impartisan's and using Stray Cat. Crediting you, and pointing out there may some be some differences as this was for this version? If you do not recruit Locke in the WoR, his ending scene which he shares with Celes will be altered to compensate for the lack of him. Sure, its only one more line, but still. As a fun side note, Terra rejoining forces you into a 3 party team, which makes getting Gau right after her ideal since you're already set up for that. Celes should stick with the White Dress for the Magitek Factory. Give Umaro the Berserker Ring. The ending result is if you want Gogo to use the Magic skill set in the Tower, give him Fight, not Magic, and it will work. Most enemies have a set of four items that can be won from Metamorphose, with equal distribution. You need to trick the game into having Locke run past that guard at the eastern edge of town through timing the menu and button presses right. regarding terra her magic builds pretty much die off late game especially if you properly level with espers. The Row Command is available to all Characters, switching them from the back row to the front row and vice-versa. The castle is at the center of the desert area. This is when Celes actually passes her up with her defense and her better fighting abiility. No, Im not crazy, and its not a simple case of just renaming Celes Moghan and theres a reason I specifically chose that name. When the Chainsaw's Death attack is used, Edgar and Gogo don a hockey goalie's mask in similar fashion to Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. Tabby Suit is best balance between Defenses and stat boosts, Gaia Gear gives best defensive boosts, while White Dress is likely most useful if you want offenses. There are eight tools in total. If you want, try to get Aero before this (fight the birds near Kohlighen), if you want Strago to have good damage on the way to Hidon, but its not overly important. See, for some reason, Celes learns two spells (Haste and Confuse) at the same level, which isn't that weird, until you consider they're actually listed separate from one another, with Berserk being in between both (so the order would be Haste -> Berserk -> Confuse.) Do not forget that Gogo can Steal, much like Locke, so if you ever want a specific item, or have kleptomania tendencies, Gogo is a good idea to bring along, be it alongside Locke or in place of him. This functions works the same as in the original game. Never give Relm a Brush. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Strago should be using the Mythril Rod for the WoB, due to its Magic Power increase, he doesn't have much use for anything else otherwise. The game's only naturally long range weapons are the rackets, but Amarant can also throw weapons. Or rather, unrig the slots that are rigged against you. Sorry man, it depends. Instead, get there, choose "Wait", and when the clock hits "0:05", Shadow will come, and all is well :). The spells auto-cast from weapons do not ignore the caster's row, so from the back row they will do half damage, unless the weapon that casts the spell ignores row. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Or you could use those Sakuras I told you to buy if you want, as they're slightly weaker, but MUCH cheaper than Darts. The first is the obvious Dragon's Den distinction; Terra gets Apocalypse, Celes gets Save the Queen. However, the animation places the eyepiece several pixels below the user's eye, covering the mouth area instead and pulling the headband below the top of the head. The party's order determines the likelihood of each character being targeted by enemies' physical attacks. There's no reason to keep him in the front row, as Tools, Jump AND Lightbringer all ignore the back row. This is why combos like Stop/Metamorphose or even Vanish/Metamorphose don't guarantee a hit, though you might expect them to do just that. If you want to Genji Glove it, and only have one, I recommend using Organyx, Man Eater, or Gladius/Excalibur/Holy Lance, depending on enemy. Otherwise, stick with the other high end spears. In fact, having her cast Cure on the entire team, then using a Sleep Bag on her is just as effective as using a Tent. HOWEVER, Gogo is still helpful for getting that Cursed Ring. Every monster has his own 'Metamorphose success change' bit. Below are a list of Mog's dances, how to get them, and what they, When you first get Mog, in the save Terra sequence, De-equip him. Beyond all the changes, these re-releases are bursting with the same delightful content they've had for decades, including Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster and its classy king, Edgar. However, due to that strong weapon mentioned above, it might not be a bad idea to give Sabin a Black Belt; he probably makes most use out of it compared to other characters, sans maybe Cyan with Kazekiri or Locke with Hawk Eyes. Set 1 50% of the time. Both Ragnarok AND the Paladin's Shield require Locke to obtain. The Swap Rows returns as a command and it functions the same way. However, due to the success bit mentioned above, there is a second factor, and that is the hit percentage of Metamorphose itself. This happens in the battles fought as Yuffie in the Wutai Village pagoda, and Cloud's final showdown. This is because the Fanatics Tower is, well, screwed up how it works. This even extends to the Angel Brush from Dragon's Den, which is an inferior Magus Rod wannabe. I believe you don't actually need to bring her to the dungeon itself, but unsure on this, though she is required to actually start it, however. Attack Power is 252, is unblockable, ignores defense. Characters start in the front row when they first become available. Chocobo Suit exists if you really want to raise her physical stats, but probably isn't worth it. The base power of this ability, which determines the amount of damage or healing it does; a dagger () indicates that the attack ignores defense, making it more powerful than other abilities with the same Bat.Pwr; fractional damage is based on current HP or MP values and always ignores Defense; Whether this ability is physical or magical in nature; the game determines hits and damage differently for each; item abilities have non-random effects, The targets available to this ability; many abilities can target either allies or foes, and the note here signifies which they target by default; a double dagger () indicates that an ability can hit all targets on either side of a pincer attack or side attack at the same time, How likely this ability is to connect; abilities with a 100% hit rate always connect unless some effect prevents them entirely, Special circumstances that allow this ability to be resisted; mouse over the terms to learn more, The status effects inflicted or removed by this ability. Damage Dealt and Taken. Please see the. Swords Sadly, while this combo seems excellent on paper for multi-stealing purposes, but its not as good as it seems. So i've got it on the SNES classic and read that characters in the back row get way more defence while only losing damage on the "fight" command. Except in the battle screen, if the player presses the Select button, the Alter Order screen will be displayed to change the positions of the characters, except for the guests. His blitz abilities are uneffected and you really don't have to switch him to get a back attack. From what I gather, if you do this right, it will automatically undo the rigging and you can get ability you wantincluding Joker Death. Regardless of how hard you try, Gau will always have empty slots in, Despite them appearing on the Veldt, Proto Armor and LIVING King, Roulette used by Ahriman from Gau is *NOT* the same as a normal, Despite how they appear in the Veldt, Proto Armor is not a rage-able, Gau is also one of two characters who can actually become immune to. In most versions, characters in the back row can only be hit by magic and bow attacks, and can only attack with bows and magic themselves. If an enemy in row 1 resides in a column that an enemy in row 2 also resides in, then the enemy in row 2 cannot be targeted by a short-range attack. If a tool has multiple abilities, they are chosen randomly at the listed rate. In the 3D versions, the Rear command makes a character go in the back row while the Front command makes them go to the front row. This is generally best for characters with high HP and Defense, such as the Warrior or Paladin jobs. In some battles the Change command to change row is grayed out. The Heavy Armor and Fidor won't die, but they still take good damage, and typically aren't threatening by themselves anyway (especially if you were smart and paired Edgar with either Terra or Celes, for healing support.). Take advantage of this as soon as you can get the items (Coliseum guides can help with this.) In these battles, the enemies in the back row are out of reach of melee attacks until all front row enemies have been defeated, at which point the party moves forward (so the formerly back row enemies are now in melee range). Bioblaster is your best friend in the Narshe Battle Sequence. Breath of Fire 4 Chrono Cross Final Fantasy 1 Final Fantasy 2 Final Fantasy 4 Final Fantasy 5 Final Fantasy 6 Final . Also gets one more line if she's in your party for when you meet up with Locke in the WoR. Locke is needed to get Ultima and/or Lightbringer (at least, prior to the final battle, where Gogo and Shadow can be used as substitutes), unless you like wasting time getting Terra to level 99 (at which point, its useless.) If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with FINAL FANTASY VI. In Final Fantasy XV, Noctis, and Prompto can wield the Auto Crossbow, Bioblaster, Circular Saw, Drillbreaker, and Noiseblaster as secondary weapons. Setzer's dice weapons (Dice, Fixed Dice) are fixed damage based on totals and thus also ignore row. Mog is required for getting Umaro. Gogo *CANNOT* uncurse the Cursed Shield. About back row, in menu just use left in directional. Unlike Final Fantasy V, you'll find no bells or whips in this game. A friend said that in the first original game, having a character at in the first slot would make them a target 50% of the time, while in the third game the enemies scan the front row first and that's what matters (more so than being at the top or bottom). Sabin is the ONLY optional character you can get before the Falcon. Some enemies are not assigned a row, and are instead assigned to be out of reach. Magic is almost universally unaffected by row. RPGClassics.com - Providing RPG info on all your favorite games with a sprinkling of personality Falchions are another good thing to stock up on; they're considerably stronger than Fuma Shurikens, but much more expensive, so keep on eye on your Gil. Give her the Swordbreaker, the evasion boost will benefit her better than anything else, for the most part, barring maybe that Angel Brush's Magic Power. Early on, Hero's Ring is likely the best option (boosts Jump's damage, AND his dance's damage), later, better off with Dragon Horn, so his optimal damage (Jump) increases. Keep this in mind before using Dance with Mog.

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