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He gies on talking about the looking glass tech and what the elites seen when it came to year 2012 but this year 2020 is actually 2012. . World Bank had launched its first-ever pandemic bonds to support $500 million pandemic emergency financing facility. Please visit the - ADVERTISEpage for rates and details. Essentially, IIRC, it states that the US military has time technology called project looking glass that the evil cabal of this realm have lost. If somebody convinces us that a major disaster is going to happen in the very near future, a major disaster happens in the very near future. Moreover, this blog is massively censored by Google. BILL (WOOD) BROCKBRADER & PROJECT LOOKING GLASS. Beginning in the year 2020 a series of man-made natural disasters would start and last for about twenty years. According to the alleged insiders, The Looking Glass technology was apparently used to look backward and forward in time, using the consciousness of an operator as a type of steering mechanism. This technology was given to President Eisenhower by the Orion ET races (that Corey Goode, an SSP insider recently disclosed). . And if that weren't enough, hear how he was trained in Area 51 as a specially gifted group of highly classified psy spies to see beyond the famous Looking Glass technology into the future involving 2012 and beyond. Michael DellaRocca, the founder of Our Everyday Lives YouTube channel, tells in the following video that I warmly recommend to watch it that he wasnt aware of the impact he had by making his videos until one day, a father whose son watches his videos approached him on the street and thanked him for his service and his messages. }).render().setUser('projectcamelot').start(); There are many ways you can support our work and mission. PROJECT CAMELOT BILL WOOD ABOVE _ BEYOND PROJECT LOOKING GLASS - YouTube 0:00 / 2:30:48 PROJECT CAMELOT BILL WOOD ABOVE _ BEYOND PROJECT LOOKING GLASS Everyone Loves CASH 2.98K. Its title is Thats Life by the Scorz (Armada Music). Or maybe solar flares will create disasters on Earth to get people to group together to raise their consciousness? Your contributions also enabled me to start promoting my book on a new platform for half a year. JoAnne. Next Page. Bill is in a Federal Prison because he gave away secrets the American Government wanted kept away from the American People. MILITARY INSIDER: They Panicked When They Saw The Future. [] So whoever uses the Yellow Cube can, theoretically, see probable outcomes as a result of specific actions. Not to reverse the final outcome. So to fight this blatant censorship and if you want to continue following the content that I publish, please subscribe to my newsletter upon visiting this site. theme: { Please join me on Telegram Illustration: The Orion Cube mentioned-above is allegedly, according to Burisch, a Stargate device, that is also known as the Looking Glass device. I tremendously admire the courage of you and other whistleblowers who are making startling new revelations, almost daily, about whats really going on in the world. Also, he came to me in 2002 so I know he's real I justdidn't know who he was until I saw him speaking in this video 15 years later. Unfortunately, my translation assignments (Im a Hebrew to English and an English to Hebrew translator) have almost dried up. They can look at possible timelines, explore them, and if you change things in the present, the probabilities of these timelines would shift accordingly (1:05:18 hour mark). All the proceeds go to support our work, pay the speaker fees and pay the support staff to make such events possible. So here we go again and dive in the world of Project Looking Glass: Rumored Technology Classified Technology is rumored to be 10,000 years ahead of public sector technology and is accelerating away from the public sector technology at a current rate of 1,000 years per calendar year. 2:00:31 hour mark According to Bill Woods understanding, the problem was that at a certain point in time, the timelines converge (sounds similar to what Mike Adams talks about in the previously-mentioned video). It is a wonderful interview .Your interviews are great. This is taken from my Facebook group. The entire assembly can be rotated 90 degrees from the horizontal axis. shell: { The last 45 minutes specifically are rather monumental. Because there is no computer hook up to LG tech. Source: Project Camelot. Depending on the direction of the spin I am sure speed and tilt and a bunch of other factors must also have an effect , Apparently, images of the events at different places, relative to the location of the device can be picked up and in essence reflected off the gas, causing it to behave like a. Human emotions, too, would often cloud and influence the results of the events being holographically projected, interestingly enough. (, There are two versions of this technology, according to my knowledge. Did the Alliance Take Back Social Media? Quoting: Yo Adrian. We are aware of all the governments, religions were created by royalties, royal families, the Vatican principalities etc. I have to admit that I too had questions about Bill Wood, but after this interview, I see now why the second Project Camelot interview was so awkward. Nevertheless, most of the research in this field was conducted by U.S. Army intelligence. (Cosmic Voyage, 1996). In the video mentioned above, Mike Adams (Health Ranger Report situation update on March 30, 2021), says that either this technology is weaponized against we, the people worldwide, or that the white hats control it. From my experience, many people embrace a very defeatist perspective on our destiny. This interview is also fabulous more food for my disclosure group (we have been discussing Quantum Jumping and the timelines) and I am so excited and inspired, as ALL of your questions were ones I wanted answered! I am heartened by the message of hope that you bring. He repeats what other sources say that only by this technology, Hillary Clinton wasnt elected but Trump with the white hats in the military (and intelligence agencies) that saved humanity. Their mission was to infiltrate North Iraq and other Middle East positions, to get close enough to see targets. Then in full response ability we choose. If so, what is it in our future that they are suppressing so much? However, those trained remote viewers started experimenting on more interesting targets than seeing behind the Kremlin walls and began to examine the UFO phenomenon. She and Bill focus on the spiritual implications of Project . He reveals that there was a problem when they approached 2012 and allegedly, this project was shut down due to this problem. You are not to blame. I urge you to watch this incredible talk here: I would like to end this article with a track that I recently listened to and I feel its very relevant to our extremely chaotic times. hashtags: true, (Awaken_Now Bitchute channel). Noone except for me would talk like this. Go Bill , Go! Truth shall prevail us all.. Many spiritual sources like Princess Nakamaru and Dolores Cannon have said that the planet and some people would ascend to the 5th dimension. We arent the virus, as the Cabal considers humanity. PROJECT CAMELOT : BILL WOOD : ABOVE & BEYOND PROJECT LOOKING GLASS. It was also used to see the probabilities of future events ( Kerry Cassidy has interviewed these whistleblowers for Project Camelot. Bill has provided supporting evidence of his claims. And if that weren't enough, hear how he was trained in Area 51 as a specially gifted group of highly classified psy spies to see beyond the famous Looking Glass technology into the future involving 2012 and beyond. Wells Fargo Home Projects Card VendorsAmong pages recommended for Wells Fargo Home Project Account , if the not-working page is the official login page, it may be because the site is temporarily suspended *The Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card is issued with approved credit by Wells Fargo Bank, N 10, up 5 percent Revenue of $84 Please call 1-800-577-5313 Monday- Friday, from 7:. The Illuminati could no longer affect the outcome by the choices they made; i.e., they couldn't manipulate the . If we dont buy into that fear and accept that there is really nothing that we know is going to happen [] that makes the convergence of timelines as naturally as possible. (Bill Wood), 2:19:29 According to Bill Wood, what we currently experience is a chess game between two master chess players and the loser can only prolong the game. All they were interested in is the NWO/Illuminati/conspiracy theory stuff. The Commentary that follows is from my [Bill Hamilton's] source that linked with inside sources and took notes on Project Looking Glass and Time Travel experiments: "With regard to LG (Looking Glass): As I understand it, this device (at least 3 to 4 years ago) could not focus on a detailed sequence of activities in the future. A message from David Icke: "As I have been saying the outcome is written by levels of consciousness way beyond the village idiots of the Cult - the people win as they awaken to the truth. An interview with an ex-Navy Seal who during the years 1992-2000 was sent on top secret bombing missions in the Middle East, predominantly in Iraq. It was the yellow cube. I apologize for posting anything that reflects on Project Camelot in a potentially negative manner, but this interview contains too much valuable information to not post. That is the end result and everything that the Black Hats do just propels us closer to our spiritual evolution. He explains that from 2012, no matter what choices we (humanity as a collective) make, it doesnt have an effect on a particular timeline that is set. This is in contrast with being able to influence the timelines (scenarios) before 2012. You can check this document by clicking on the highlighted FBI records. But I am not entirely sure that mass does not move, or that mass is not affected. ltimos 43 minutos da entrevista de Bill Wood, ex-SEAL - Above & Below Project Looking Glass (Acima e Alm do Projeto Looking Glass) - que aborda vrios assu. 2:03:10 He says that very smart people realized that something big is coming, as a result of seeing only one particular future materializing in reality (despite the different probabilities fed into the Looking Glass device). Lisa is an excellent interviewer. This is the risk we all take in carnation. Get the perfect website for your sacred work at Modern Masters. All the possible timelines lead to the same set of history in the future. (Bill Wood). As the dark ones almost have no moves left, they are creating havoc, including Covid, Afghanistan and other false flags that were going to see very shortly, according to Alex Collier. Thank you Lisa for being so open and gentle in this interview, it was exactly what was neededBoth of you are brave individuals who are willing to step up and speak from your heart.thank youblessings and love sent your way. wonderful interview with Bill, very inspiring and uplifting.Thanks Lisa and Bill for all that you do in these fantastic and changing(ascending) times! links: '#9560c7' We took the opportunity to focus on the spiritual implications of the information gained through his experience with project looking glass. Just fill out the pop-up form. live: true, Thank you, Merging Timelines. Everyone Loves CASH. It was a cube about eight centimeters wide by another eight centimeters long, capable of predicting the future. Bill Wood starts talking about Project Looking Glass and stargates from 1:59:52 hour mark (out of 2:30 hours). Time to wake up to the fact that we are Divine Sparks and love is the key. Project Camelot - Final Excerpt from interview with ex -SEAL Bill Wood. 1:12:35 and now we have the looking glass technology that is telling us (that God wins in the end, the mass awakening). For what its worth, my sources have confirmed the presence of electromagnets and a barrel-like device which is injected with some kind of gas.these components seem necessary for LG to function as a viewing device. Its eminent. Bill Wood was contacted by White Hat military who knew his top secret level. PROJECT CAMELOT : BILL WOOD : ABOVE & BEYOND PROJECT LOOKING GLASS [Killing civilians with Tomahawk . The Alliance is INTENTIONALLY Destroying the CABAL-Controlled EconomyBut A New Development Will Bring Us Back from the Brink, CLAIM: The Alliance is Rescuing Children from Deep State Pedophile Tunnels, Red Cross Ships Mercy and Comfort are More Than They Seem, Listen to music proven to reduce stress and anxiety by 65%, 4 Key Steps of Discernment Advanced Truth-Seeking Tools, with the error and suggested correction, along with the headline and url,, Looking Glass, Zeitlinien und so viel mehr | AVA Sabine. Other videos come thru fine. ~ryushin. Currently, the Schumann Resonance is increasing which affects our DNA, which is an antenna, expands and then contracts. Its terminate.. According to, the Yellow Cube technology is allegedly used by industrial-military complex to manipulate timelines. Heres the excerpt from the movie that shows this technology: Dan Burisch, PhD in microbiology who worked for the U.S. secret military forces came forward and revealed his knowledge about this project. commentary sums Bill Woods testimony brilliantly, although he doesnt mention his name. What event could be so major as to get so many people to focus and converge on one timeline to go on a certain lesson path of duality? Irrelevant comments won't be appreciated either. However, its hindered by the consciousness level of whoever was present watching future events unfold. You can see this type of technology revealed in the movie Contact (1997). Thank you.Any comments that question Bill Wood's credibility will be removed, because basically such comments suggest my intuition would be wrong. In summary, theres a huge awakening of humanity on planet Earth and we, the conspiracy theorists, nut jobs are providing the spoiler alerts to the awakening humanity. Its all about humanity.. But he does talk . Although Ingo Swann was not a scientist, his protocols was the early version of the remote-viewing protocols used by the U.S. military (Everybodys Guide to Natural ESP: Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind, 1991). KC may has sadly become bigger than the big picture, Love and light to you What Camelot is about is the investigation into the mysteries that surround us. Hi! 2:08:32 But their (the Cabals) reaction will have an opposite effect and lead to their undesired outcome. What were experiencing right now is mass awakening. (Health Ranger Report situation update on March 30, 2021). There are still many possibilities that could happen, it is ultimately up to peoples learning stage to determine what would happen. Venezuelan President Maduro was just indicted for drug trafficking and corruption. summarize the situation. But, that then means that theres an 81% chance that it wont. Project Camelot; Bill Wood; Above & Beyond Project Looking Glass Mandela Effect Explanation 6,466 views Apr 24, 2020 full-length interview by Kerry Cassidy with Ex-Navy Seal Bill. Aside of these three interviews with Kerry Cassidy, there have been some interviews with. Therefore the planet would either cease to exist or ascend to another dimension where the measure of time is different. This is the key to setting the timeline. thanks, would love to know how you know that. As while I understood Kerrys point of view, I was so uncomfortable for Bill and just knew he had something Ive never heard to say around human spiritual growth. 11:31 So all of you are ascending whether you realize it or not.. After 120 minutes: Mind Altering and World-View Transformative. Alien Interview Of EBE3 Was Released In 2016. This triggers changes, in awareness . What events could be the trigger? According to certain sources, the white hats control this technology and theyve already won! The Commentary that follows is from my [Bill Hamilton's] source that linked with inside sources and took notes on Project Looking Glass (LG) and Time Travel experiments: "With regard to LG ( Looking Glass ): As I understand it, this device (at least 3 to 4 years ago) could not focus on a detailed sequence of activities in the future. What we focus our thoughts on creates our reality, and it is high time for us to focus on love and hope and create a better reality. However, this is not an invite for any trolls to post any comments. [] This is all about us. We then may release the darkness, rising at our own progression. They were not letting him talk about the spiritual aspect of 2012. color: '#ffffff' background: '#f1f0f8', Thanks Lisa for another great interview. height: 300, Why would the timelines converge specifically this year and how would it happen? Both players know the game is over. (Bill Wood). Depends on who controls it. We need to awaken as many people as possible. It's me in adifferentbody from ourfuture, in ourpast. DonateYour generous donations make it possible for us to continue our work. But even a military and seemingly materialistic(perceived by them) person like Bill could not determine and perceive the possibility of a materialistic future reality that is similar to the present, it would have confirmed that Looking Glass is not like the Yellow Cube. He explains how this technology works in the following lecture on Rumble: !function(r,u,m,b,l,e){r._Rumble=b,r[b]||(r[b]=function(){(r[b]._=r[b]._||[]).push(arguments);if(r[b]._.length==1){l=u.createElement(m),e=u.getElementsByTagName(m)[0],l.async=1,l.src=""+(arguments[1].video?'. 2:08:44 And according to Bill Wood, this timeline is the awakening process. Courtney Brown, Ph.D., is an associate professor of Political Science at Emory University (excerpt from his bio as it appeared in his book Cosmic Voyage (1996). Hi Lisa we suggest you watch this video interview, Ben Lowrey interviews Arthur Cristian because the information Arthur shares will have you question much of what Bill Wood is sharing as truth as is project camelot, david icke, jordan maxwell and so much more information that is coming out of both alternative and mainstream medias. Wonderful interview! We took the opportunity to focus on the spiritual implications of the information gained through his experience with project looking glass. Kerry Cassidy interviews Bill Wood and David W. And the pieces fall back together again, contrary to what all the kings horses and all the kings men could do. Coming away with a true understanding of the darkness and its purpose through duality. Time travel. We are all humpty sitting on the wall. This is an interview with an ex-Navy Seal, who, during the years 1992-2000 was sent on top secret bombing missions in the Middle East, predominantly in Iraq. Hillary thought she would win but . We are living during historical times of great transformation. It is all a game and they are playing their parts beautifully. Read More According to Burisch, US intelligence agencies had several devices they built using instructions found in ancient Sumerian and Egyptian tombs. Both my Twitter accounts (AuthorHerscu in English and one in Hebrew) have been suspended and my Facebook account was deleted since January 2020. 'Project Looking Glass technology saw that the Great Awakening cannot be stopped', says military insider. The guys examine Project Looking Glass and how the Great Awakening movement is occurring around the world. The references, quotes, and content from external sources on this website are correct to the best of my own knowledge at the time of publication. The interesting thing is, is that we are already the light, so we only clear the darkness to reveal what was always.

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