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It seemed like what it really wanted was to be a biography of Susan Glaspell, the reporter who covered the trial and went on to great acclaim. This true unsolved mystery and all the events surrounding it had me trying to solve it, and I loved coming up with my own theories about what actually happened. Ive been to the Hossack murder sight and also to his grave. I'm sometimes such a scaredy cat. MIDNIGHT ASSASSIN. (hook) Midnight Assassin written by Patricia L. Bryan and Thomas Wolf. Newspapers across the country carried the story, and community sentiment was divided over her guilt. Both are awful ways to die but the way trifles was written had an air of suspense to it. I love true crime stories, so the legal and moral aspects were the reason I purchased this book, but I found a secondary reason as soon as I started reading it. I now must visit the New Virginia cemetery. If you'd like to reprint a post or case summary, please contact us with the name of the requested post/article. The articles tell the ongoing story of the Hossack trial as it unfolded, while Midnight Assassin offers a reflection of the events as they occurred in the past. good book, outside of my usual reading interests but I enjoyed it. I was nervous! was caused by the ray of light reflected by the glass of the door as it was axe he believed them to be human blood. Four days later, the victim's wife, Margaret Hossack, was arrested at her husband's funeral and charged with the crime. The true story behind trifles. There is definitely the presence of somebody watching over this area. Hossack was asked. A farmer is murdered in his bed--did his wife do it or someone else? Help others learn more about this product by uploading a video! "Where did you go after this?" The second trial in adjacent Madison County ended with a hung jury verdict; nine jurors voted to find her guilty, while three held out and voted not guilty.. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Read the excerpt from Midnight Assassin. Hossack and his wife, Margaret, had nine children, including five, ranging in age from thirteen to twenty-six, who were in the house at the time of the assault. Given the many conveniences of modern life this is easy to forget. This book was of extreme interest from beginning to end. I read this awhile ago, so the details arent sharp , but the axe was. Steve, the book Midnight Assassin states that Margaret (Murchison) Hossack was a native of Ross Shire, Scotland, born Nov. 19, 1843, and that at the age of five, she traveled with her family to North America. Let us know whats wrong with this preview of, Published This was the first expert witness produced by the Law professor Bryan and her husband, Wolf, a writing consultant, vividly bring to life the baffling events of the night of December 1, 1900, when a well-to-do farmer named John Hossack was fatally attacked with an ax while sleeping in his bed. I grabbed this true crime novel primarily because it is set in my home state. What is a key difference in the purpose of the articles by Susan Glaspell and Midnight Assassin? Both suggest that Mrs. Hossack may have had a possible motive for killing her husband. the only thing I didn't like was that after I read it, (in 2 hours,) i was thinking about the axe and the killing. cross-examination of Deputy Sheriff Kimer in the Hossack murder trial today he Although none of them contain a byline, her biographers have concluded that Susan Glaspell, working as a reporter for the Daily News at the time, was the author of these articles. Later these same events were used as the basis for her classic short story, "A Jury of Her Peers," and the famous play Trifles. Mark the adverbial clause in each sentence, identify the subordinating conjunction, and describe the clause's function in the sentence. The vicious assault stunned and divided the close-knit rural community. The reporter covering the story was a female journalist, Susan Glaspell. This is a well researched hook and it us both scholarly and readable. But it was actually pretty good! Algonquin Books, Apr 1, 2005 - True Crime - 296 pages. children as he wanted to, owing to the fact that Mrs. Hossack would not allow I liked the true crime feel of the book, but wish the killer would have been caught. On the night of December 1,1900, Iowa farmer John Hossack was attacked and killed while he slept at home beside his wife, Margaret. Word Count: 311. With the facts at hand, I have a good idea who the murderer was. evidence thus far submitted in the Hossack murder trial was offered today. About , Sticky notes She was found guilty at the first trial but does get a re-trial later after spending some time in jail. ". The couple raised nine of 10 children, including sons Alexander (Alex) Hossack, Donald Hossack (died in infancy), John C. (Johnnie) Hossack, William D. (Will) Hossack, James (Jimmie) Hossack, and Ivan Hossack, and daughters Anna Jane (Annie) Hossack Henry, Margaret Lucretia (Louie) Hossack Kemp, Catherine (Cassie) Hossack, and Martha May Hossack Coulter. family. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 278 pages, $23.95. At trial, Margaret was convicted of murder, but later was released on appeal. the implement which he found at the Hossack place. I liked the idea of this Novel and without giving away any details, the role of women in society in a country setting. More About Midnight Assassin . Al He took a leadership role in his church, ran for political office, and served as a trustee of the county. . To see what your friends thought of this book. Starred Review. Margaret Hossacks composure and stoicism, developed during years of spousal abuse, were seen as evidence of unfeminine behavior, while John Hossackknown to be a cruel and dangerous manwas hailed as a respectable husband and father. Again, very interesting book, but I thought it called for some more "descriptive, uplifting" writing. Midnight Assassin. Hossack; that Mrs. Hossack had told him in various conversations that she and him to do so; that whenever he objected to their going any place, she always A sentimental drama with stereotypical characters is known as. take the west eighty, the family to have the balance of the property. in her hearing that it would be better for her to separate from her husband, Write a pronoun in the possessive case to correctly complete each sentence. In 1900, Margaret Hossack, the wife of a prominent Iowa farmer, was arrested for bludgeoning her husband to death with an ax while their children slept upstairs. The author ends up being unable to identify the killer or even offering a strong hypothesis. (She was at that time in bed with her husband.) An interesting book about a serial killer in Austin, Texas in 1884 & 1885, about a year before the Whitechapel Murders. I found this to be an intriguing story with interesting glimpses into early life for farm wives at the turn of the 20th century. Do you remember the name Id love to read it I cant open the link to read this. window, but that he did not see any blood stains on this, although just south I read the book in barely more than a day. But the theme of the book is more about how little most men thought of women - the first verdict was based so much on the defendent's looks - how big she was, how unremorseful she seemed to be. asked Attorney McGriff was the first witness sworn by the My secretary will call _________ lawyer and arrange the meeting. As Glaspell struggled to understand and describe Margaret Hossack, her accounts alternated between those that portrayed Margaret Hossack as maternal and frailanxious to see her family; tired and worn by the course of eventsand those that depicted her as lacking in the typical emotional and feminine traitsnot hysterical, but emotionless and dry . We live in a world with thousands of confident religions. Margaret Hossack refused to discuss the murder after the second trial. Suspicions focused on his long suffering wife, Margaret, who claimed to asleep beside her husband in the bed while the attack took place. Mrs. Hossack testified that about 1 o'clock a.m. she heard a noise like two boards striking together. I did feel that the book was a bit repetitious. 3 1/2 stars rounded up. then passed through the sitting room, opening the front door leading on to the One option is James Maybrick a London cotton merchant who "may have"traveled to Austin while at the Southern Exhibition in New Orleans. A history of domestic strife convinced the local authorities that she had finally snapped after years of threats and verbal abuse. She is the author of Stories in Fiction and in Fact: Susan Glaspells A Jury of Her Peers and the 1901 Murder Trial of Margaret Hossack, which was published in the, ASIN to allow them to do so; that on one occasion he had bought the children some It is a fact because it cannot . He would not state that the bloody Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2012. **Example 1**. J. L. Kemp, a son-in-law of the murdered man, was It was a very interesting read - but at times I felt it got a little long with all of the details. . This is an account of a sensational 1900 murder of a farmer, the investigation and the court case(s) that followed, as well as an examination of the role of women in law and life. Lyn Kelly as the perpetrator. Midnight Assassin expertly renders the American character and experience: our obsession with crime, how justice is achieved, and the powerful influence of . Glaspell's Articles. He stated that the ground Being able to manage a house, family and still stay married to a difficult man would have been impossible for me. Thomas Wolf received his MFA in creative writing from the Iowa Writers' Workshop; he is now a writing consultant for the Association of American Medical Colleges. Shows how far women have come in the past 100 years with. The articles inform the reader of the Hossack trial in vivid and descriptive detail, while Midnight Assassin simply summarizes the key events of the Hossack trial. I really think the authors went into way to much details when it came to the trial and what the lawyers did to try to win over the jury. During the examination of this records or eyewitness statements from the time of the murder can also be used to verify the ages and locations of the . Midnight Assassin: But reports soon surfaced that Hossack had abused and threatened his family, and for years his wife had gone to the neighbors to complain of his behavior. My wife is from Iowa (we live in MA). testified to having examined the blood found on the handle of the axe, but very faint and looked as though it had been made by coming in contact with some Download the free Kindle app and start reading Kindle books instantly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. I stole this from someone else's review but I loved this short description. several large blood stains; that on the north end of the wall there was a If you believe that religious bs, then sure. this is very helpful to a project im doing in school for the book trifles, 2005 2023 transcribed the most significant ones. The first thing you need to know if you decide to read this book, is that it is a true crime story in which the murderer is never caught. He stated that the two larger spots, which are on the head of the murdered man. }}(document,'script','twitter-wjs'); This book is going to be the One Book One Sioux County discussion book for 2022. : The juxtaposition of a woman journalist who covered the first trial (who would later use the case as fodder for a short story and a play) with the severely circumscribed life of a farm wife, accused of the murder of her husband, is a nice touch. At the time of her death, Margaret had more than 20 grandchildren. : sheriff; that the sheriff had given him two vials, each of which contained Susan Glaspell. Interesting story. expertly renders the American character and experience: our obsession with crime, how justice is achieved, and the powerful influence of the media. Case Summaries The cross examination of this witness failed to I waffled between three or four stars for this book. Discuss your answers with your group. , Publisher

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