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But Im just happy to be cruising. points. Whatever they do is right. Modified Date: Jan 4, 2022 Carnival Cruise Line has unveiled a new collectible pin design for Diamond and Platinum level guests. Red: Your second sailing to 24 points. I've returned or given away more Platinum gifts that I've brought home. Platinum gift. Youll start taking advantage of members-only fares, specials and more. 2022 Hyundai Palisade Elite 2.2 CRD v Kia Carnival Platinum diesel comparison. 2 Apply No annual fee 1 Terms and Conditions LOW PROMO APR Get 0% promotional APR for 6 months on Carnival cruise bookings. Diamond: 200 points or more. New Zealand Port Sets Record with Three Cruise Ships in One Day, Boarding Time Adjustments for Royal Caribbean Ship, Virgin Voyages Aims to Make a Splash With New Music Video, Carnival Cruise Line to Bring Back Popular Onboard Tour. Mumbai. What is Cruise Ship Time? The perfect gift for holidays, birthdays and any special occasion. Service is less, ship cleanliness (in public areas) has changed and, yes, the quality of the Platinum gifts has changed. Start with things like members-only promotions. Are you about yo become Diamond or Platinum on Carnival Cruise Lines? External site which may or may not meet Each cruise, you will be invited to an hour long party with as much as you can drink . Posted February 11, 2022. So, when you take a three-night cruise, you earn three points. Carnival Cruise Line releases some changes that impact Platinum and Diamond guests booked on the initial cruises this summer just for the month of July. Followers 8. Exclusive VIFP offers for VIFPs like you. Its not super-common for speciality restaurants to be fully booked on a Carnival cruise, because a lot of people are perfectly happy with the free options. I'm platinum and never got a gift. Earn 3x points on other travel and dining & 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases. Carnival Cruise Line unveils a new 2022 ship pin design for Diamond and Platinum guests in the VIFP loyalty program. With VIFP Club, you dont need to worry about different earning levels, cabin categories, or different types of booking. Past designs have often included stylized nautical elements, such as ropes, ships wheels, portholes, compasses, or wave-like curves. None of which has to do with complaining on what you get for a gift from them. They offer unique dining opportunities and a more varied menu than you would enjoy if you ate purely in the Main Dining Room or the buffet. Now, she helps over 1 million people per month to plan their perfect cruise holidays. Always talked about big winnings. Initially we asked guest services about it, andwere told to pick it up at pixels, but the staff there had noidea what we were talking about. Carnival Cruise Line releases some changes that impact Platinum and Diamond guests booked on the initial cruises this summer just for the month of July. CRUISE HIVE LTD 2008-2023. 0 the original pancake house 0 customer relationship resume 0. reserved areas, higher end suites, upcharge eating, upcharge entertainment and so onmaintaining your base takes on greater importance because the base in a field of identical choices needs a reason not to move. So theres no reason not to take advantage of the program. top: -12px; It is important to know that Platinum and Diamond guests will receive the full details of the procedures 16 days before departure, the same time online check-in will open. We were on a back 2 back so we scored 4. Once you reach these lofty heights, you'll wonder how you ever vacationed any other way. Haven't cruised since Sept 2022. Started June 21, 2021, By This is a good chance to mingle with other loyal Carnival guests and swap stories of your favourite ships. The more points you have, the higher your tier. If you sail on a seven-night cruise, thats seven points. The Carnival Credit Card promises smooth sailing as far as interest on balance transfers is concerned, offering a 0% for 12 months intro rate. Carnival's VIFP Club webpage notes that the benefit of priority boarding to Platinum & Diamond guests for July 2021 and August 2021 cruises is changing to where . The colorful luggage tag was dubbed cute by many, even as they anticipated that others would find this to be just barely a step above the much-discussed lanyards. Now, its a luggage tag., Brad Dowling said, The great thing about most prior loyalty gifts is that they were practical and could be used for something. Among those, he listed beach bags, blankets and portable speakers. Priority Boarding. The designs are also different for Platinum passengers and Diamond passengers. Due to the re-start of cruises after the coronavirus pandemic shutdown, some of the benefits offered to Platinum & Diamond guests are going to be a little different. But will enjoy cheers. I've returned or given away more Platinum gifts that I've brought home. To see the number of VIFP points you currently have on your VIFP profile, simply log into your profile at You SHOULD pick it up and either leave it on a table in the atrium, put it around the handrail inside an elevator, or on the lido where someone would use it. . Since the start, it's been our aim to provide the latest cruise news covering all the major cruise lines. There was nobody in the area except him going up and down the slides and me. I am most definitely not a high roller. Below is our Carnival VIFP Club guide to help you understand everything the program offers. But as a Platinum member, you do still get priority reservations, which means you can choose the best nights and times to enjoy the restaurants that you want to visit. By Im not in it for the gifts, to be honest, said commenter Carol Garner. Although the perks of becoming a blue-tier member are minimal, you are on your way to earning points and climbing the levels. Its worth noting that this perk isnt always available. points. You just need to redeem it to pick up your bottle, which you can do at any bar or restaurant on the ship. Youll beat the rush, which means a smoother journey back through the port and potentially first dibs on taxis or getting to your car and out of the car park faster if youre parked at the port. I love to find bargain cruises! We were on the Elation a few years back. I did get a offer to book with cheers for slightly more $. We'll send you a weekly newsletter to your inbox. If I can sail MSC with a drinks & wi-fi package for less than Carnival, I'll sail MSC. Otherwise, they will be turned away. Others, however, saw the gift as what it actually is: a simple gift that doesnt reflect the true value of the perks offered by the loyalty program. complimentary drinks, Unique, collectible pin received on each sailing, Casino: Buy-one-get-one-free tournament entry (Blackjack or Slot There are five different status levels within the club. Some highlights of the VIFP Club include priority check-in/boarding, Carnival souvenir gifts, collectible pins, a one-time cabin upgrade, priority debarkation, and priority reservations. We were recently on the Breeze and there was aconfusion in regards to the platinum gift. Cruisers' Choice Awards! It's totally worth it. Then when you sail, you'll start picking up benefits like Firstly, if you visit them in person theres a priority line for Platinum and Diamond guests. While its always sad to leave a cruise ship, it still makes sense to be one of the first people off on the last day if you can be. This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. I hope you enjoy this luggage tag, and I will tell you what the next gift is after this as soon as I can.. Igcse Chemistry Student Book Pdf, FAQ. Sales Coordinator Resume Pdf, I do enjoy getting these little gifts. The VIFP club is Carnival Cruise Lines guests recognition program that provides a number of perks depending on the guest level. She has worked in the cruise industry since 2015 and has taken over 20 cruises. Yes you will be able to pick one of 3 giftS. The onboard spa on a Carnival ship offers a wide range of treatments that are perfect for relaxing. Travis' World: Another Dimension (7pm -12am) Wednesday October 5th, 2022. UNLOCK BIG SAVINGS Simply enter your loyalty number below and we'll check for more deals Show My Deals Login to get your VIFP Cannot read property 'LocalityService' of undefined EXCITING DESTINATIONS Since most Carnival cruises last 3-7 nights, the fastest way to get to Platinum is to take 11 cruises 10 of them lasting a week and then the last one being at least 5 nights. I love the freedom that cruising provides, meeting new people, and exploring amazing new ships. Best we ever got were CARNIVAL HEADPHONES..nice quality You can make some of the people happy some of the time. 35002333 2 Porlamfer. Each year, Carnival will make a $100 USD donation to St. Judes Childrens Hospital for every Diamond level member. You will be argued with if you suggest otherwise. Carnival is one of the only cruise lines that award passengers with membership status before they take their first cruise. Carnivals program is called VIFP, and like many other similar schemes, it has multiple tiers that you progress through as you cruise. Tons of things play into this, and you are comparing apples to oranges. External site which may or may not meet Since Carnival has started sailing again, I was wondering what the Platinum Gift is at this time. }. Thats plenty of free laundry already, although if you do make it to Diamond status then you get unlimited free laundry too. Even when you take a few years between cruises, youll keep the same points balance and status level., Click here to reload the page in order to enable certain features, Policy regarding COVID related Discussions. All you have to do is sign up, and youll begin receiving perks as a Blue-tier member. Opens in a new window. I keep my cabin spotless on my own. In his video, Heald explained the reason we couldnt give ship-specific pins last year [was] because we didnt really know which ships were coming back.. . Luggage tag or a koozie that says Carnival on the outside and is black on the inside, or a koozie that is black on the outside and says Carnival on the inside. Please note that all material on this server, added visitors. Priority Check-In. One of the newly announced changes is the check-in process which all guests will have to complete online. Contact our Customer Service team. Insider Tip: You might see guests around the ship showing off their status cards by wearing a lanyard. On Holland America I also have a similar deal. 1. But Platinum is the one to pay particular attention to, because its very achievable if youre a loyal Carnival customer, and it has a lot of benefits. LauraS Gift Cards. Cruise Hive was established back in 2008 and among the earliest blogs in the industry. Same with me FireflyI never get Cheers, but will enjoy it in Dec. Im in it to have an awesome vacation and get away from the [negativity] that goes on in the world so much. If you get one and don't want it, turn it back in at the Service Desk or give it to someone with a Blue or Red card. Platinum and Diamond VIFP Party on 5+ day sailings featuring complimentary drinks, Unique, collectible pin received on ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Thx. Definitely! These carnival koozies serve as perfect winter wraps for our outside water spigots. This allows Carnival to deal with all the extra procedures that need to be dealt with during embarkation. You dont even need to take a cruise to become a blue-tier member. The Carnival Players Club sends out . There will also be departures with Carnival Breeze out of Texas starting on July 15 and Carnival Horizon out of Miami, and Carnival Miracle out of Seattle. Loyalty programs are a good way for a cruise line to reward passengers who decide to keep cruising with the same line. accessibility guidelines, Instagram. sign up. Carnival Reinstates Popular Loyalty Perk After 16 Months. Royal Caribbean Ship Changes Itinerary for Unusual Reason, Lisbon Port Welcomes Largest Ever UK Cruise Ship, Major Itinerary Change for New Norwegian Cruise Ship, Carnival Cruise Line Is Significantly Raising Prices for Guests. That's optimistic! By the time one has reached the Platinum level within the VIFP Loyalty program (which is the level at which the Carnival-branded gift kicks in), the actual perks are pretty impressive. CRUISE HIVE LTD 2008-2022. 19952023, The Independent Traveler, Inc. Forum Assistance - Welcome to Cruise Critic, Announcement: Upgrade Your Horizon ~ Sponsored by Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Proudly celebrating our one year anniversary . To me the gift is a bonus. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Even if youve never cruised with Carnival before, join the club today the benefits begin today. Carnival Cruise Lines VIFP Club: The Ultimate Guide. 16 weeks. 1:1 point transfer to leading airline and hotel loyalty programs. No matter what they are people will keep on complaining and not being happy. Gold : 25 to 74 points. A soda cozy. "Here is the new VIFP gift," announced Carnival Brand Ambassador John Heald on his Facebook page, adding that they would begin showing up on ships in about two weeks. What other enhancements may be forthcoming are yet to be announced, but for the time being, guests can proudly wear their new 2022 VIFP pins as they set sail on more Carnival cruises. I got a $200 offer for a 21-night Panama Canal sailing from Seattle to FLL. No votes so far! The speciality restaurants on a Carnival ship always prove to be popular. These were just some of the highlights posted by Carnival Cruise Line Ambassador John Heald on Thursday afternoon. The pins design includes more color than previous VIFP pins, with hearts, stars, dots, and stripes adding whimsy and energy to the design. Copyright 19952022 The Independent Traveler, Inc. Amazing, Funny & Totally Awesome Cruise Photos. Worth Reading: Loyalty Programs Should You Stay Loyal to One Cruise Line? In his video, Heald explained the reason we couldnt give ship-specific pins last year [was] because we didnt really know which ships were coming back.. I am guessing three different color choices for the koozie. If I can sail HAL for $200 for 10 nights but I don't have priority boarding, oh well! He did this over and over. .body-content .reg:after { You can also use room service to claim your free bottle as well. Carnival Gift Cards can be used on almost anything: towards the purchase of a Carnival cruise and redeemed onboard toward the Sail & Sign account for gifts, drinks, and fun. Copyright 19952022 The Independent Traveler, Inc. Amazing, Funny & Totally Awesome Cruise Photos. Seven VIFP Points. I have 30 Carnival cruises and only recently got the "free" casino offer. I couldn't care less about the Platinum gift. Ive been cruising since I was 11 years old. No expense spared. Youre earning If someone crusies for a chatchki gift, it says much more about them then the line. Step 1: Just So if you earn 24 points with the program, youll always have those points. They don't want to give you a chance to find out if it's better. Jan 31, 2023. There have been some changes to this perk while Carnival adjusts to new health and safety protocols, which means you cant necessarily choose an early embarkation time but you do get 48 hours advance notice to book your Arrival Appointment for check-in. Redeemable at the ships Photo Gallery no later than two days before the end of the cruise. You earn one point for every night you sail on a Carnival cruise. kaiser permanente card. 7-day Alaska cruise? By Sarah Bretz. Carnival logo gift and collectible pin It's always fun to bring home a special souvenir from your cruise, and as a Platinum guest, you get two! The valuations are estimates based on average odometer readings and the vehicle being in good condition. Tata Projects Walk-in Interview Drive on 14th and 15th January 2023 | Surat | Construction and Engineering Jobs. Platinum guests get a few extra benefits in the casino and arcade, ideal if youre into gaming. Assistant Creative Director Resume, Carnival now says that guests can drop off their luggage before heading to Lido to eat or even complete the new e-muster process, which is yet to be detailed. 22bn in debt (or whatever the number is) and still in business is better than the alternative, which is what happens without loyal guests. Had them for about 4 years now and have been washed 1000 times. Heading to shore for an excursion or just a day of exploring independently? CARNIVAL CRUISE 2016 VIFP PLATINUM GIFT WOOD BOX WITH NOTE CARDS PEN SET -NEW Opens in a new window or tab. In the initial year, If a cruise is cut short or extended for reasons outside the control of guests, how many points will guests earn since we are basing it on the actual number of days sailed? For Free. . I heard that it was going to be the leftover luggage tags for the first month or so after sailing returned. CC Help Jenn Through the loyalty program, youll receive all kinds of perks and benefits for sailing with Carnival. "I hope you enjoy this. Each tier has a color represented as the background of your Sail & Sign card. identify the legal responsibilities in relation to waste management, romantic zulu names for boyfriend, seal team 8 location,

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